Factory Information

Established in 1986, INTERMED’s objectives has always been to continuously upgrade the facilities in Production and Quality control.

Professionals and competent personnel are engaged in the manufacture of pharmaceutical formulations. Quality is, in-built into each of our product through very well laid concept, methods, procedures and systems in conformity to the cGMP requirements.

Training is given to the shop floor personnel by the competent staff and by internal and external faculty to the qualified technical staffs.

Qualified professionals strictly monitor the quality control system. Sophisticated instruments are acquired and test facilities are augmented to enhance the In-house test facilities for greater reliance, dependability, confidence and also to carry out periodically required studies on validations and shelf life of the products. All the workmen and staff are trained to follow the Standard operating procedures in all their activities.

Procedures and methods with specifications have been laid down for material receipts and issues, sampling, testing, production, in process control checks, final product inspection and despatch, and the procedures followed are well documented.

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