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INTERMED had a humble beginning in the year 1981, with a small presence in India marketing Pharmaceutical formulations.

We have gone a long way since then by focusing on expanding into South America, increase its presence Africa, Asia and engage in brand marketing in French speaking West Africa and also exploring the possibility of starting up operations in CIS and Eastern European markets and opening Depots in Central America.

We remain focused on providing quality and affordable medicines to people of the Globe bridging the gap of ailing patient’s affordability across geographies and are present today in 32 Countries till date.

We have been gradually upgrading our factory by investing back the profits earned and we are a WHO-GMP approved with facilities to manufacture Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Dry Syrups and Ointments and creams.

Intermed business has witnessed exemplary export growth over the past three years with sales doubling every year since 2011 to 2013 .In recognition of our outstanding export performance PHARMEXCIL ( Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council of India) a Ministry of Commerce and Industry undertaking by the Government of India, have awarded us with a trophy and Certificate of honor for the year 2012-2013.

Our basic business philosophy, that we are in the life line industry by its very nature itself, serves a social responsibility .Hence we have a far better reason than profits alone to drive our performance.

Paresh Mehta

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